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When you lose critical data… rely on our data recovery professionals to get you back in action by recovering your data quickly and reliably. We have seen everything that could go wrong with any type of data storage device and know the best remedies to fix complex problems to regain valuable data in record time.

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Hard drive recovery experts at our labs have been providing data recovery services for over last two decades. The recovery specialists we have are highly skilled, experienced and can deal with any type of hard drive failures successfully and in record time. Therefore, if you are suffering from unique case of drive failure, we can surely help you out because… more

RAID Storage Data Recovery
Our RAID Data Recovery experts are experienced in RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and all other non conventional RAID configurations along with expertise in various devices from vendors like Adaptec, Buffalo Technologies, LaCie, IBM, HP, Sun, Dell, MAC / Apple & others… more

Virtual Machines Data Recovery
Although virtual environments have enabled organizations to live with lesser hardware; but at the same instance has increased the risk of greater data disasters in some unfortunate events. Loss of a virtual server can instantly bring a smoothly running organization to dead stop. To find out how we can help recover virtual machines… more

Tape Backup Data Recovery
Tape backup recovery are extremely specialized data recovery services, where we have decades of experience in thousands of successful recoveries. If you are having a challenge restoring any type of tape backup, feel free to approach tape recovery experts at… more

Desktop / Laptop Recovery
We provides recovery from Crashed hard drives from Desktops and Laptops. Rely on the experts to recover your data & be one of our success story… more

Deleted, Lost & Missing File Recovery
During complex file loss or file corruption scenarios, use our File Recovery Services. Our File Recovery Experts can assist you in getting 100% of your data back. Start your case today… more

Any Media, Brand and Operating System

We recover data, be it on any media type like Server, RAID, Hard Disk Drive, Removable Disk, USB Drive, Memory Card, MP3 Players or TAPE Drives or be it on Any Brand like IBM, HP, Compaq, Sun, Dell, MAC, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, Gateway, or be it on any OS like Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Win 2000, Windows NT, 2003, 2007, Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC OS, Sun Solaris, BSD, Linux, or Novell etc,… more